Thesis Title

Formal Languages and Automata Theory, Unconventional Models of Computing.

First Position after IITM

Teaching actvities


Only last five listed here. See here for more.
  • Collaborative Directed basic research in smart and secured environment (Funding Agency : NTRO)
  • Establishment of Nationwide Quality of Service Network Test bed (Funding Agency : MCIT, Govt of India)
  • A Study on Computability Models Based on Graph Splicing Systems (Funding Agency : DST)
  • Adaptive Error Correcting Codes for Multimedia over ATM (Funding Agency : DST)
  • Computational Geometry and its Applications to Robotics (Funding Agency : DST)
  • Studies in Computational Geometry and its applications (Funding Agency : MHRD)

Publications (while at IITM, last 10)

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