Title:More for less: The delights of divide and conquer algorithms
Speaker: C. Pandu Rangan (IIT Madras)
Details :Tue, Nov 24, 2020 4:00 PM, @ Google Meet
Abstract:Algorithmic problem solving differs from mathematical problem solving through its focus on efficiency. While we may be able to solve a problem in various ways, the major concern here is on designing efficient solutions. Over the past few decades, several clever paradigms have evolved but mindless application of these ideas may not result in good solutions. There is an art, there are subtleties and nuances and that is why, when an idea is applied with insight you get the aha moment!!. Let us enjoy one such moment during this meet!!

This talk is dedicated to super heroes of our department who through their amazing talent and efforts, scaled new peaks in professional achievements. Dr. Jayalal the best teacher award winner, Prof Krishna Nandivada for IBM award, Dr.Shweta Agrawal for Swarna Jayanthi award. (my advanced apologies for those who are missed out by me..it is definitely for all the achievers..) . There is another exciting thing happening in our dept , consistently for the past few years, starting from the days of the headship of Prof PSK. a good wave of new faculty members have joined and enriched our dept. This is a welcome talk to the recent arrivals!!!!!!